I spent 35 years in the motion picture business lighting movies, commercials and TV shows. Light is everything.

In 2008 I took up paragliding for fun. To share the beauty and joy of flying the California coast I began shooting from the air and printing on Fine Art papers. I was hooked.

I now have a studio and print shop in the San Francisco Bay Area and alternate between personal and commercial projects.


My personal projects are explorations of nature. From the worlds I find in extreme closeup to the glory of an expansive landscape to the hours of waiting for a wild animal to get comfortable with my presence, it never gets old.

Work projects vary between studio and location shoots. In my studio I keep a full stock of continuous lighting, strobes and grip gear.


I print exclusively on archival quality Hahnemühle Fine Art Papers with archival inks. I use textured matte paper unless the subject or client calls for something different. My print shop is in my studio so I can print and mat any images you want. 16x20 prints are $275. 

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